Voltaire – God has a since of Irony

Voltaire was a French infidel.  He actively fought against God and God’s truth.  He published a large amount of literature against God.  He gave many lectures declaring Christianity to be a lie and predicted that in 100 years from his time that Christianity would be swept from existence and passed into history.  He died in 1778.  Twenty five years after his death Christianity was growing in incredible ways.  And in 1804 one Bible society alone issued 198,515,199 Bibles.  (Not all in one year)  In 1905 the British and Foreign Bible society issued 5,977,453 copies of the Bible in over 400 hundred languages.

Christianity was not passing away.  Instead Voltaire’s printing press ended up in the hands of Christians and was used to print the Word of God.  Voltaire’s house in which he lived ended up being stacked with Bibles of the Geneva Bible Society.  In the end God’s work grew and the Word of God prevailed.

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