The Word Teaches

The Word Teaches

The word teaches is a site that believes that what we believe should come from the Bible. There is a great need today for teaching that simply comes from the Bible. Teaching that lets the Bible say what the Bible says. Teaching that does not go to other sources for authority. What we teach should not come from philosophy or feelings. It needs to be firmly grounded in the Word of God.

New Believers need to start with these 3 lessons on Salvation.  (New Believers Lessons Set 1)

What is Salvation

Aspects of Salvation

Assurance of Salvation

After getting a firm understanding of salvation you need to start learning about your Lord.  Slowly and carefully go over these lessons on Jesus.  (New Believers Lessons Set 2)

More About Jesus Lessons

After getting a firm understanding of Salvation (Set 1) and a good foundation of who Jesus is (Set 2) you need to start building upon that.  The next critical thing for a new believer to understand is just how important the Bible is to your spiritual growth and well being.  So go over these lessons on the Bible.  (New Believers Lessons Set 3)

The Bible – It’s Symbols

Bible Teaching is Extremely Important

The Bible is the primary way that God speaks to us.  You are now God’s child and the communication in this relationship is not to be one sided.  You also need to learn to talk to God in prayer.  Study these lessons on prayer.  (New Believers Lessons Set 4)

Parable of the Persistent Widow