The lost can be faithful to their books

In Arizona Highways July 2006 PG 13-14 a man calls a climbing location book the Bible

Andy Martin wrote a book that is a collection of all the high points in elevation of all the counties of the United States. In the book there is a total of 3,142 county high points in the United States. An Arizonan named Bob Packard says that that book is just what he needed. He has bagged (climbed) over 1,400 of these high points. Bob calls Martin’s book “the Bible” and has been faithful to it since 1988.

Bob trusts Andy’s book and when he has climbed what the book says is the highest point in a certain county he does not doubt it. He believes what the book says and does what the book says.

How much greater is our book the Bible. Shouldn’t Christians be faithful to it, believe it, and obey it.