The Gospel According To You

There’s a sweet old story translated for man,
But writ in the long, long ago-
The Gospel according to Mark, Luke, and John-
Of Christ and his mission below.

Men read and admire the Gospel of Christ,
With its love so unfailing and true;
But what do they say, and what do they think,
Of the gospel “according to you?”

Tis a wonderful story, that gospel of love,
As it shines in the Christ life divine;
And, oh, that its truth might be told again
In the story of your life and mine!

Unselfishness mirrors in every scene;
Love blossoms on every sod;
And back from its vision the heart comes to tell
The wonderful goodness of God.

You are writing each day a letter to men;
Take care that the writing is true;
Tis the only gospel that some men will read-
The gospel according to you.
– Anonymous

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