The Bible – It’s Symbols

The Bible is the most amazing book ever written and there will never be anything ever written in the future that will be more amazing than the Bible. It is stunning in its beauty, incredible in its scope, deep in its thoughts, absolute in its truths, and its love is beyond description.  And the Bible is not just words on a page. Thru the working of God it does amazing things in us. The Bible changes lives and has century after century after century. It can and does do much more than teach men how to be saved. The Bible was also given to help us in our everyday lives.  God wants us to know how much we need His Word and He wants us to know how the Bible can be a help to us. He wants us to know how the Bible can work in us.  So He wrote into His precious word illustrations about the Bible itself and how it works in us.

The Bible is a Lamp or a Light

The Bible is a Mirror

The Bible is a Laver

The Bible is Food

The Bible is a Fire that ignites our Passions

The Bible is as a Hammer

The Bible is a Sword

The Bible is Seed, Rain, and Snow

The Written Word and the Living Word

What Should We Do With The Bible