The 7 Letters From Jesus

The 7 Letters From Jesus

The 7 Letters From Jesus

Jesus had John pen the 7 letters from Jesus to 7 local churches for several reasons. One of them is so that local churches today can read them and clearly see what these 7 churches were doing that pleased the Lord and what does not please Him. What many churches would find might be shock them, if they would honestly compare what they are doing with these letters. If any local church truly wants to please their Lord, then they should take an honest, humble, close look at the 7 letters from Jesus.

After Jesus rose again from the dead He spent 40 days teaching His disciples before He ascended. God in His sovereignty only recorded a small part of what Jesus taught during that time. But we know that His teaching during that time would have been 100 percent consistent with everything He taught before He arose.
And I have no doubt that He took questions from His disciples during those 40 days and answered them. This again is consistent with the record we have in the Gospels. He would have covered and reinforced every topic during those 40 days that He knew needed taught.

After working with them for 40 days, Jesus leaves some very important final instructions and ascends up to Heaven. We call those instructions the great commission.  After being prepared by Jesus with personal teaching and instructions, the Holy Spirit comes and indwells them and empowers them to be witnesses.  That was roughly in 29 A.D. It could be a couple of years later.

At first the church in Jerusalem under the authority of James literally refuses to follow the instructions of our Lord. They refuse to spread out and go teach about Jesus to every creature in all countries.  God does several things. He sends Peter to a house of Gentiles, Peter preaches to them, they get saved and Peter sees them receive the Holy Ghost. Peter takes the journey; he accepts the truth that God died for all and wants Gentiles to be saved. Peter goes back and shares that truth to many including a reluctant James. Second, Jesus meets Paul on the Damascus road and Paul sees the light and gets saved.  And third God has to send persecution to Jerusalem to get Christians to scatter. And they do leave Jerusalem and they finally go and preach the Gospel like they were supposed to.  Churches are started all over, and not just by Paul.

Each church is an individual local assembly. Each one is unique with a unique mixture of strengths and weaknesses.  Time passes. All of the apostles have passed away except John. And most likely most of the original leaders that started all of those churches are also gone. Some of them might be on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th leader by now.  It is now 96 A.D.  Aproximately 67 years have passed since Jesus taught for 40 days and gave the great commission and ascended.

Things have changed. Some have let things slide and some have let things start slipping off a cliff. And a few have kept the course.  It was time to give His assessment of how the individual churches were doing. And these report cards, if you will, were not given only for the benefit of those 7 unique individual churches, but they were given and preserved for us as well.

They were given to those churches so that each one of them could keep on track with what pleases Jesus. They were given so they could keep doing what is good and fix what was wrong. Those letters were given so that we can know what pleases Jesus and we can know what He wants us focused on doing, and so that we can know what things are to be avoided.

These 7 letters have foundational information on how a group of believers should walk with God and please their Saviour.

The Intro and Vision in Revalation to the 7 letters from Jesus

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