Tag: More About Jesus

This series of lessons called More About Jesus is a good place for new Christians to start learning more about their Lord. It is critical to have a good foundation of who Jesus is. Obviously Jesus is the center and foundation of Christianity. If your knowledge of Jesus is off, then you can fall into error. And when your knowledge of Jesus is weak, then your walk with the Lord and the strength of your faith tends to be weak. A solid foundational knowledge of Jesus is critical. These lessons will lay a good foundation on which to build. This series of lessons is also good for those who have been saved for a while. A good refresher is a help, and I have found that there are many people who have been saved a while but were never under good Bible teaching and can benefit from taking the time to read these lessons. Whichever category you are in please take the time to slow down and really think about each lesson. Taking time to learn about and draw closer to Jesus is always well worth the effort.