Tag: Christian History

Christian History should inspire us. Many of those who went before set a good example. There have been many who showed with their lives that Grace really is sufficient and that the Lord is worthy. The vast majority of what is written on Christian History is a little messed up to say the least. The only way to make sense of it all and to know when someone is looking at it wrong is this test. Does it line up with the Bible. There are some very basic biblical principals that are necessary to understand Church History. 1) The Lord’s churches are to be vertical in view and in authority. God is not behind a horizonal church structure. 2) God gave the Church everything they needed when the Bible was completed. No new revelations needed. 3) God’s people are sheep and some want to and will be led by Him and some will drift away and some refuse. 4) There is a real enemy who has two main attacks. Lies, deception, and corruption and the second attack persecution. 5) God does use imperfect men. If you agree with those 5 biblical principals and then look at Church History, you will be amazed at how differently history looks than what lost people write about it.