She went from Singing Praises to Cussing Out

I went to a baseball game with my wife. My work had given us some free tickets only 25 rows from the field. I had never been that close to the field before. We were right at third base. These were really good seats. The only thing wrong with the tickets was the lady behind us.

The starting pitcher that night was a guy named Micah. The man that was with the lady said who is that, is this a new pitcher? She said yea. He is great. We just brought him up from Tucson because he is so good.

Micah throws the ball and the batter hits a line drive straight to the pitcher. Instead of dodging it, Micah catches it. The lady behind us goes wild. Micah is wonderful. He is such a great athlete. That’s why I love him. She kept yelling we love you Micah. For the next two innings she sings his praises.

Then comes the third inning. Micah gives up 7 runs in one inning. Now the lady behind us is cursing him. She is saying that they never should have brought him up from Tucson. She went from praising him to cursing him in two innings. She went from Hosanna Hosanna to Crucify Crucify.

She was all for Micah and singing him praises when she thought that he was going to do what she wanted.

But as soon as he did not do what she wanted and expected. As soon as he did not give her the performance that she desired, then she turned to cursing.

The same thing happened to Jesus when He rode into Jerusalem. The people were singing Him praises when they thought that He would bring in the kingdom.

But when He did not they switched from yelling Hosanna Hosanna to Crucify Crucify.

Source: My Life.