Sept 1st 2021 was a Great Day

It was a joy that I got to stop by the post office on the way into work.  We did our first mailer today.  I have walked the streets of Phoenix putting church invitations on doors for around 19 years. Most of the streets that I was sent to only had houses on them.  Very occasionally there would be an apartment building and I would think that is sad that I cannot get in there and put tracts on all of those doors and I would just move on and not think too much about it.

When I recently started a new house church I picked an area of streets nearby that has about 400 houses and got busy putting out more engaging tracts on doors.  About two blocks away is an apartment complex and I could not stop thinking about that.  This is in my area and now my responsibility.  How can I get the gospel into that complex?  I believe the Lord showed me a way to do it.  I found it was really easy to purchase a list of all the apartment addresses already on Avery Labels, and it was only 37.00.  And that complex had 379 apartments.  That one little complex had almost as many units as the large area I have been walking.

My eyes were opened.  I started looking at the map and in my area I found that over half of the population is in apartments and not homes.  I know that is not the average in the city but in my area there are many huge apartment complexes.  It saddened me to think that for 19 years the churches I have been helping have been ignoring almost 50 percent of the population in some areas.

I had the tracts and the envelopes, and typed up a nice Happy Labor Day message and today I had the privilege of mailing out our first 100 to a small apartment complex.  Praise the Lord!   I am already planning on a Thanksgiving mailing to the complex that has 379 apartments.

It felt great to start on this and we plan on making this a regular part of what we do.  It is amazing what a small house church can do because all of the money can go straight to the work.

This was a really good day!

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