Room for Christmas but no Room for Jesus

On December 16th I was delivering John and Roman Christmas Packs to houses.  I was going down a dead end street with a cul-de-sac at the end.  A house across the street was having some work done.  One of the workers walked across the street to his work truck the same time I walked up.  I did not change my pace but you could not have timed it better if it was a Broadway show.  He started to wave me off as I said Merry Christmas and held out a Christmas pack and I said Merry Christmas again.  He saw the Christmas Ornament in the pack and the Merry Christmas sticker and smiled real big and said Merry Christmas.  I continued around the cul-de-sac and when I was coming around the other side I could see that he was still reading what I gave him.  On the back of the John and Romans we have printed the simple plan of salvation.  As I was getting close to being directly across the street from him he thru the Christmas pack in the work truck and our eyes meet.  He looked at me and he is no longer smiling.  The look was let’s say, a little frosty.  He is like so many people today.  They have room for Christmas but no room for Jesus.  In fact, I have found that it really is an epidemic.