He had a lot of riches but riches can disappear in a moment.  He was known as the price of tombstone, for he owned quite a bit of where that city now stands, plus mines said to be worth a half-million dollars. His income was 4,000 a month, which was not at all bad during the years 1879 to 1882 for Edwin Fields, an entrepreneur who made millions selling mining claims in Tombstone. Alas, he lost it all speculating on grain prices at the St. Louis Board of Trade. He spent the rest of his life working menial hotel jobs and died in the poorhouse – a pauper indeed. To make things worse, according to the Arizona Sentinel of February 22, 1896, on that date the body of the former prince was lying on a dissecting table in the school of anatomy in Chicago.  Source Arizona Highways Sept 2006 Pg 6

So many people put all their heart into riches, but they can and often do disappear.  Riches can be fickle.  And Riches are absolutely temporary.  Even if you manage to hold on to them your entire life, you cannot take them with you when you die.

It is much more wise to put your affections on things above.  Put your effort into things that are eternal.