Ralph Allerton was burned at the stake in 1557

Ralph Allerton was burned at the stake in 1557. Ralph was murdered for the crime of believing every word of the Bible. He was not alone. Thousands of Christians, and thousands of Bibles were burned. Ralph wrote a letter while in prison. Here is a quote from that letter, “I believe the scripture to be true, and in the defense of the same I intend to give my life, rather than I will deny any part thereof, God willing”

By the way, Ralph was not talking about the Greek, the originals, or the corrupted text from Rome. He believed the Word of God that he had in his own language. And people wanted to kill him for it, and they did. He was looked upon as evil for simply believing that a Great Loving God would keep His promise and preserve His Word. Sounds almost unbelievable until you let people know that you actually believe the Bible in your own language. Most likely you will not be burned at the stake for it like Ralph was. However, many that name the name of Christ will think evil of you and resort to calling you names for your faith.

Makes you think of 2 Tim. 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Contrary to the prevailing common belief today, when you live believing in the Bible that you hold in your hand you doing a godly thing.
Let us return to the kind of faith Ralph had in the Word of God. A faith that strengthened him to stand for the truth no matter what the cost.

And always remember God Loves You.

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