Quotes on Sin

Two sorts of peace are more to be dreaded than all the troubles in the world – peace with sin, and peace in sin. – Joseph Alleine

The evil effects of sin are many.  All sin grieves God.  Many sins are harmful to others and all sin reacts upon the transgressor, some upon the body, and all upon the soul.   – From Hyman J. Appelman’s Sermon outlines and illustrations

Men are constantly seeking remedies for bodily infirmities, and when they find them they are glad to recommend them to others.  But man has no remedy for sin  – only God.  – From Hyman J. Appelman’s Sermon outlines and illustrations

Sin is the refusal of divine lordship and disobedience to God’s will. – Samuel Benetreau

Our sense of sin is in proportion to our nearness to God. – Thomas D. Bernard

One leak will sink a ship, and one sin, will destroy a sinner. – John Bunyan

Sin is the dare of God’s justice, the rape of his mercy, the jeer of his patience, the slight of his power and the contempt of his love.  – John Bunyan

Sin is not weakness, it is a disease; it is red-handed rebellion against God and the magnitude of that rebellion is expressed by Calvary’s cross.  – Chambers

Christ is not sweet till sin be made bitter to us.  John Flavel

Sin is not hurtful because it is forbidden, but it is forbidden because it’s hurtful.  – Benjamin Franklin

God’s wounds cure; sin’s kisses kill. – William Gurnall

Never think to find honey in the pot when God writes poison on its cover. – William Gurnall

We must deal with the seeds of sin in our hearts.  IF neglected the seeds soon become weeds. – Vance Havner

It is bad to commit sin, but it is great wickedness indeed to plead for it.  – Matthew Henry

It must always be thought a dangerous thing to desire or expect that God should patronize unrighteousness.  – Matthew Henry

Bad people in confederacy make one another much worse than any of them would be by themselves.  – Matthew Henry

The security of sinners often proves their ruin, and dangers are most fatal when least feared.  – Matthew Henry

If we be ruled by sin we shall inevitably be ruined by it. – Matthew Henry

Sometimes God suffers wicked men to be lifted up in successes and hopes, that their fall may be the sorer.  – Matthew Henry

Willful sinners are fools and madmen; they act contrary both to right reason and to their true interest.  – Matthew Henry

Idleness is a sin that is its own punishment.  – Matthew Henry

Dishonesty is one of the worst sins in the world.  – Jack Hyles

The leprosy of the body is bad, but the leprosy of sin is a thousand times worse.  It has cast angels out of Heaven.  It has ruined the best and strongest men that ever lived.  – D.L. Moody

Don’t be afraid of holiness, there’s no danger of getting too holy.  – J. Frank Norris

I do not understand how a man can be a true believer in whom sin is not the greatest burned, sorrow and trouble. – John Owen

Light and darkness cannot commune, for light dispels darkness. – Dan Reed

I am convinced that the first step towards attaining a higher standard of holiness is to realize more fully the amazing sinfulness of sin. – J.C. Ryle

Sins begin like cobwebs, but becomes iron clamps. – J.C. Ryle

Sin pays with destruction, for sin is always destructive in character.  That is true whether a nation or a man is involved. – Bernie Smith

Sin is bound to retard your progress.  It grieves the Holy Spirit, and you will never know the blessing and power of God on your life and your ministry until you are ready to renounce it forever, turn from it utterly and never indulge in it again. – Oswald J. Smith

Though sinful thoughts may rise, they must not be permitted to reign.  – Charles Spurgeon

None of us ever knew what a Saviour Christ was, till we knew what an evil thing sin was.  – Charles Spurgeon

God doth not absolutely pass over sin; he punishes sin in Christ, and henceforth sin ceases to be punishable in the persons of those for whom Christ died.  – Charles Spurgeon

Surely, nothing which has in the least contributed to his death can be loved by us.  Will we not henceforth abjure, abhor, detest, and avoid everything that is sinful?  What! Call yourselves Christians, and yet live in sin!  Charles Spurgeon

Is it not a sin for a creature to doubt the word of its Maker?  Is it not a crime and an insult to the divinity, for me, an atom, a particle of dust, to dare to deny his words?  Is it not the very summit of arrogance and extremity of pride, for a son of Adam to say, even in his heart, God, I doubt thy grace; God, I doubt thy love; God, I doubt thy power?  – Charles Spurgeon

Unbelief is the mother of vice; it is the parent of sin; and, therefore, I say it is a pestilent evil, a master sin. – Charles Spurgeon

Of two evils, choose neither.  – Charles Spurgeon

Christian liberty does not mean exemption from all temptation.  Our liberty in Christ is freedom to do right, not freedom to do what our old nature desires and dictates.  Liberty in the Lord is not license to sin. … No true believer in Jesus Christ will think of his freedom from law as leaving him without obligation to the righteous demands of a holy God.  –  Lehman Strauss

Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.  – Robert Louis Stevenson

Your success in life tomorrow will be determined by what you said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to today.  – Billy Sunday

One reason sin flourishes is that it is treated like a cream puff instead of a rattlesnake. – Billy Sunday

Sin is basically an act of moral folly, and the greater the folly, the greater the fool. – A.W. Tozer

If the best man’s faults were written in his forehead, it would make him pull his hat over his eyes. – John Trapp

Sin is a little word with only there letters, but he biggest is I. – Arthur Wood

There is no depression in the sin business; there is no cut in the wages of sin.  – unknown

Sin makes earth a suburb of Hell.  – Unknown

Don’t move the fence until you find out why they set it there!  – Unknown

Hatred for sin cools at the same rate as love for Jesus, and they happen simultaneously.  – Unknown

Never give the Devil a ride – he will always want to drive.  – Unknown

No one has to teach us how to lie, we are born with the knowledge.

Bad thoughts quickly ripen into bad actions.  – Anonymous

Human hate is a deadly blight that does worse damage to the hater than to the hated.  Its cure is found in the love of Christ.  When that love comes in hate goes out.  They cannot keep house together.   – Unknown

The devil may tempt us; the flesh may tempt us; the world may tempt us; but it is we ourselves who sin. – Anonymous

Sin is not a toy, it is a tyrant.

There is no sin so little as not to kindle an eternal fire.

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