Power in Prayer for X-Ray Machine

A X-ray machine quit working in a missionary hospital in India. They did not have the money to get a new one. They had no idea how they could find enough money to buy a new one, or whom to ask for help. So they started praying. For 8 months they prayed for money for a new machine. They had become resigned to doing without. After all, many hospitals in India had no X-ray machine. But during the 8 months that they prayed unusually large gifts started coming to the mission office in America from many donors, designated as specific gifts to purchase equipment for the Nellore Hospital. One day they received an account from the mission office showing that the gifts received for their hospital had reached the 20,000 dollar mark. That was the exact cost of a new X-ray machine, and they had never asked any of those donors for any of that money. And they did not know that they money had been coming in during those 8 months of prayer.

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Source Medicine and Miracles amid the multitudes