Now on GETTR

The Word Teaches is now on GETTR.  Follow #thewordteaches on GETTR and you will get notices of new content, a new verse every morning, great pictures of our Lord’s wonderful creation and much more.  Why is The Word Teaches doing this?  I want to be a help and a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ.  And God is worthy of having content that magnifies and honors Him available to His children.  I know for a fact that God loves each and every person, and as Christians we are to love God and love our neighbor.

Since I have a tremendous amount of content that I can share and because I believe that there is a need for good content, I thought why not me.  There is no need to wait for someone else to do what I can.  I have often said that it is a blessing to be a blessing.  It is a big help to have short devotions and reminders about God throughout our day.  It can be a blessing to have something on my phone that helps me take a moment during my day and think about my Lord and praise His holy name.  Content like this can do exactly that.  My goal is to serve the Lord and be a blessing to His people.  Those are the main reasons why The Word Teaches is now on GETTR.

I hope that you will consider following #thewordteaches on this free speech platform.

To setup a GETTR account go to their website or download the app on your phone.