My Father Gave Me Two Oranges

On a voyage across the Atlantic, Dr Meyer was asked by the Captain to preach in the saloon at the Sunday morning service. His subject was ‘Answered Prayer’, and he gave several illustrations. An agnostic who was present was asked what he thought of the sermon and replied,’ I don’t believe a word of it.’ That afternoon Dr Meyer was speaking to the tourist class passengers.

Picking up a couple of oranges, the agnostic put them in his pocket and made his way to the meeting. On the way, as he passed an old woman with silvery hair sitting asleep in a deck chair, with her hands open on her lap, he took the two oranges from his pocket, placed them in her open hands and went on to the meeting.

When he came back the old lady was eating one of the oranges and he said to her, You seem to be enjoying your orange!’ Yes!’ she said,’ my Father is very good.’ Your father! Your father can’t be living!’ Oh!’ said she,’ He is very much alive.’ What do you mean?’ he asked. Well!’ she replied, ‘I have been seasick for five days.

This morning I longed for an orange. I knew there were some in the saloon but I wondered how I could get them in the tourist class, so I asked the Lord to send me an orange. I must have fallen asleep and-would you believe it, sir?-when I opened my eyes, He had not only sent me one but two!’ ‘ Why,’ said the agnostic, ‘ is that true?’ ‘Absolutely true,’ she said. The bottom fell out of his agnosticism there and then.

God answers prayer and sometimes uses infidels to carry the answer.
Our God has all power and all means to answer our prayers. He can use anything and anyone he chooses to answer.

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