Long I sought earth’s dearest treasures

Long I sought earth’s dearest treasures;

  Long I sought its tainted gold;

Long I sought its maddened pleasures,

  Far from the Father’s faithful fold.


Oft I witnessed inward craving;

  Oft I cried out for release.

But my heart the storm was braving;

  I was seeking inward peace.


Sick of sins and sorry for them,

  I confessed my poor heart’s need;

Humbly did I bow before Him,

  And with prayer for peace did plead.


Then my heart grew light within me;

  Waves of love around me rolled;

Burden lifted — peace possessed me;

Glory rushed into my soul.


Oh, my Father’s sweet caressing!

  Oh, to think what I did miss!

I would not exchange this blessing

  For a thousand worlds like this.


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