KJV Teaching Tracts -What Did Jesus Teach?

Weary of KJV tracts with very little teaching

I was a little weary of KJV Tracts that were small and had very little teaching in them.  The great commission more than once instructs us to teach and not simply put out, here we are come grow with us tracts with maybe a couple of KJV verses in them.  Please do not misunderstand! Any tract that has God’s Word in it has value!  Any tract with God’s Word in it is valuable and can be used by God to plant seeds and to win souls.  Amen.  I also wanted to put out something with more teaching in it, and I could not find what I was looking for.  The solution when you cannot find what you need is to make your own.  These KJV tracts are different. They are 4 pages long and print on a full size of 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper.   The What Did Jesus Teach tract takes the time to go thru several of the important teachings of Jesus.

Tired of all of the slick marketing and worldly graphics in KJV tracts

I will admit we live in a very visual world and KJV tracts should be eye catching enough that it will catch a persons eye.  The purpose is so that they will read it.  The Word of God and the teaching of it is the critical thing and not the graphics.  Overdone graphics on a tract will actually take emphasis away from the message people desperately need.  Another disturbing trend in KJV tracts is using very worldly graphics.  This is a mistake on several levels.  We are not to be like the world or use the worlds methods.

Our dying world needs more than the majority of tiny tracts offer today

Most people today never went to Sunday school as a kid and most of their parents also never went.  In fact we are getting to the point in our society that most Grandparents also never attended Sunday school.  People have almost no understanding today about who Jesus is or what Jesus taught.  I wanted a clean looking KJV tracts that would fill this need and teach people.  Lost people do not care that there is a church nearby and they do not want to come grow with you.  Primarily that is not the material that they need.  They need to have seeds planted.  They need material to get them to think.  They need more information and more reasons for believing.  Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  So for more faith to come to more people, they need more of the Word of God.  I felt that I needed some larger tracts to go with the smaller tracts that I use.  The intent of these tracts is not to replace the smaller tracts (I use thousands of those also).  The intent is to fill what I feel is a much needed hole in the assortment of material that I am putting out.

KJV Tracts that are mailable and worth mailing

These tracts fold so that they fit in a standard #10 envelope.  The great commission does not say go preach to everyone unless they live in an apartment.  We should be willing as His servants to obey the command and we should be willing to purchase the stamps so the Word of God can go where we are not allowed to go.  Apartments that are marked no trespassing or are gated have been ignored for far too long.  Double folded these tracts work great for mailing.  I also include a few other pieces like a JOHN 3:16 bookmark and a small tract from Fellowship Tract League in the mailing.  The Fellowship Tract League material is well written, clear, and concise.   This combination gives the mailing a good well rounded amount of information.

If you are a small truly independent church that believes that the KJV is the preserved word of God for English speaking people, and you are interested in doing a mailer to an apartment complex near your church (continental US only), feel free to contact me.  We can help.  We can mail the What Did Jesus Teach tract (with your info on it and not mine), and another tract of your choice to an apartment complex near you.

Single folded these KJV Teaching Tracts fit well in a door hanger bag for distribution to houses.

KJV Tracts What Did Jesus Teach?
KJV Tracts What Did Jesus Teach?

Help us get the Gospel to America.  Since Aug 2021 we have delivered the gospel to 22,897 households. With your help we could do much more!  100 percent of your donation goes to materials and stamps.  Apartments needs the Gospel.  America needs the Gospel.  Thank you.

Mar 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  

We have mailed to the following locations:

Black Canyon City AZ – Every household in town and the surrounding back roads. 1,042 total.

Phoenix AZ   –  Almost every apartment complex in North Phoenix

Sun City AZ – 746 mailed to retirement community

Aurora CO – 3 Streets

Los Angeles CA   –   1 apartment complex, 3 times

Orlando FL – 1 large apartment complex

Atlanta GA – 1 Apartment complex, twice

Des Moines IA – 1 small apartment complex

Boise ID – 1 Large apartment complex

Evansville IN – 1 street

Indianapolis IN – 1 street

La Porte IN – 1 street

Topeka KS – 6 Apartment complexes and 1 street

Anaconda Montanta – 98 homes

Concord New Hampshire   –  1 apartment complex, twice

Patterson NJ – 1 large street (109)

Las Vegas NV – 1 large Apartment complex

Harrisburg PA – 1 Apartment complex

Barrington Rhode Island – 1 small street

Charlestown Rhode Island – 1 small street

Cranston Rhode Island – 1 small street

East Providence Rhode Island – 1 small street

Beaver Dam WI – 1 street

Green Bay WI – 2 streets