June 2021 – The Drive is Back

The Lord had arranged things to get me to seriously ask the question, what things have been added to what we do without any New Testament validation.  This led to similar questions like what traditions of men have also been added.  And a huge one, if things have been added what has been taken away.  What are we not doing that we are told to do.  I had been allowed to teach 7 min of church history Sunday afternoons for a few months.  This refreshed my memory on how differently things were done for over 1,600 years.  God had me revaluating everything.   I had been going over my lesson material from all of those years of teaching, and the material from college, and searching the scriptures.

Before my 3 year illness I had a website that had around 3 thousand visits a day.  I still had all of the information that I had collected for that website.  As I was searching thru it I felt that it was kind of a shame that I am not sharing it, that I had grown too cold to want to be a blessing to others in that way.  Could it be that at my age The Lord would want me to do a website again?   It did not take long to get an answer.  The drive to share the Word and to be a blessing had returned.  It was no longer an option.  My heart would not let it be an option.  I got busy and in a very short amount of time the website is up and running.  The Lord made it easy.

The drive was also back to put out engaging tracts on doors.  So I purchased 1,000 chick tracts and printed some maps of where I live and once a week I would pick a street and go.  And twice a week I was still putting tracts out for the church plant I was still helping.

As my search for answers progressed I started to get a clue to what the Lord was doing.  I kept finding things that were indeed brought forward without N.T. validation.  I found things that were only traditions of men that were added without any biblical validation at all.  I also found many things that the New Testament tells us to do that were not being done.  Each time I found something I asked the Lord, how should this be done?  How could I do this correctly?  How would I add the things that are being left out?  How would this be done without the traditions of men?  How should it be done in a way that is pleasing to you?

The Lord was gracious and the answers to each were almost immediate.  A plan was forming without me even being aware of it.  By the end of June I was aware of it and it was an overwhelming and scary idea.  Yes the drive is back but at my age could God be wanting me to fulfill the calling and promise that I made to Him way back in 2004?  It seemed the answer was going to be yes.

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