July 2021 – Only One Choice to Honor my Lord

It is now about the middle of July.  I have been asking questions and getting answers about many things.  The thought has been given form that God wants me to choose Him over everything and honor my promise to Him.  And now things got really bad at the church plant I had been helping.  The number of errors, false teachings, bad spirit, wrong view and approach of ministry, and other things had grown and now had crossed a line that I could no longer be a part of.  We had to have not one but several family meetings just to cover all of the issues that were wrong.  It really was a lot.  It was obvious that we had to leave and everyone saw it and agreed.  Now the question what to do.  There were really only a few options.

  • Dishonor our Lord and just quit. Not an option
  • Go to one of the few other churches in the area but they are involved in and doing many of the things that are traditions of men and in bringing things from the O.T. without N.T. validation as well as not doing many of the things that the N.T. does tell us to do. Now that my eyes have been opened doing that is not a good option.
  • Step out in faith. Honor my promise to Him from 2004.  And start a church.

Everyone agreed that the best option, the one that the Lord wanted, was to start a church.

I mean this seemed crazy.  At my age?  This made no sense in a lot of ways, I mean isn’t starting a church incredibly complex and difficult.  The Lord had been showing me answers to every question I asked so why would this be any different.  Time to start stepping out in faith.  We chose the only real option open to us that would honor our Lord.

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