Incarnate Love

O Love of God incarnate,

Who comest from above,

To show us God the Father

In human life of love,

God’s love to earth thou bringest

That men may see in thee

How like man is the Father,

How like God man may be.


O Love of God incarnate,

Life bearer sent to men,

Who drinks at thy deep fountain

Shall never thirst again:

God’s life to earth thou bringest,

And, though the thorn-path trod

Led thee to death on Calvary,

Thou wast the Son of God!


O Love of God incarnate,

Thy resurrection hour

Revealed the life eternal,

And robbed death of its power:

Enthroned on high thou reignest

That men may share with thee

Thy life, thy love, thy glory,

And live eternally.


O Love of God incarnate,

Thou ever-living Word,

Through whom the Father speaketh,

In whom man’s voice is heard,

In thee all love and wisdom,

Divine and human, meet;

When God through thee hath spoken,

Love’s message is complete!

– Wilbur Fisk Tillett


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