Hyman Appelman Teaches on The Way of Faith

The way of faith is not the way of sight. It is not looking for evidences, either in our own feelings or in the circumstances that attend us.

The way of faith is not the way of effort. Real faith is confidence in God that He is working on our behalf. Instead of bringing worry and effort into our hearts, it brings rest.

The way of faith is the way of reliance upon the character and promise of Another – upon God and His Word. Faith looks to God to work as He has said He would and refuses to undertake for itself, except to fulfill those conditions that God may have laid down with His promise.

Indeed, the largest part of faith’s struggle often is to keep from interfering on its own behalf. Unbelief will not wait for God to work but must rush ahead to help itself. Thus it fails to receive from God; for He works “for him that waiteth for him” (Isa. 64:4).

Faith is willing to endure trial and to wait long if need be. It knows that He is faithful who has promised (Heb 11:11) and through the vision tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come.

The way of faith is God’s way with His people. He has no other. He who is infinite and trustworthy asked that we trust Him. Could He ask less? When our Lord Jesus was on earth, He always asked to be believed. He rejoiced at faith, but was astonished at unbelief (Mark 6:6; 3:5)

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