House Church Updates

I was called to preach in 2004.  I already had 4 years under a teaching pastor and had a good foundation, then worked to get an associates degree.  From that time I have continued to study God’s precious word.  In 2005 and 2006 the Pastor I was under went off the deep end.  Got bitter and angry.  My family was hurt and we were in no condition to start a church.  However, I love my Lord and wanted to continue to serve Him.  So we got into a different church and I served there faithfully in a support role  for 13 years teaching adult Sunday school and serving anywhere that was needed.  God started really working me over to get into church planting so for the last several years I helped some young church planters.   But The Lord made it evident that it was time for me to step out in faith an start a church for Him.  It became clear right away that once we stepped out in faith that He was with us.  I decided that I should share some of the things that we see happening in hopes of encouraging others in the faith, and maybe opening a few eyes that there is an easier way to start a church and that ministry can be done without all of the added traditions of men.

March – April 2021 God is working and I am clueless

May – June God is Working and I am Still Clueless

June 2021 – The Drive is Back

July 2021 – Only One Choice to Honor my Lord

Aug 2021 – How I started an independent totally self supporting Church in one month.

Aug 24th 2021 God uses lost man to help the Haiti Orphanage

Sept 1st 2021 was a really good day.