House Church Update Sept – Oct 2022

In Sep the Gospel has been delivered to 1,452 households.

In Oct the Gospel has been delivered to 1,446 households.

That puts our year to date total at 15,123.  We are now on pace to exceed our goal by a good amount and deliver the Gospel to over 19,000 households this year!

In September we helped a single mom who is having serious health issues.  It is a good thing to help someone and not want anything in return.  Only to be a blessing and show the love of Christ.

I have been posting verses and creation pictures on GETTR since they started.  It has slowly grown.  At work one of the bosses said something about their marketing campaigns and how Facebook is dying and how everyone is on something else and he said some things about the need for video format.  This got me thinking.  Not about his marketing campaign, but how he has a point.  Sadly to say a huge portion of our society no longer reads.  Many of them are spending their time watching videos in a very short format.  And most of it is junk.

For my birthday my family got me a video camera for the laptop.  In my flesh I did not want to use it.  Face it, I am a funny looking old man, but the Lord worked on me about it.  So in September I started recording 1 min long videos about my great God.  I am putting them on GETTR, and Rumble.

My Savior is worthy of having His Word reaching out to people who spend their time there.  Also expanded the number or postings on GETTR and the variety of types of posts.


The short videos have done well and the number of people watching them has been increasing.  My Lord is worthy of being thought about more.  Because of the videos a few more people are given the opportunity to think upon Him some more.  It is a way to get the Word of God to more people and it does not take any extra money to do it.

For personal family reasons I am going to have to drive to a smaller town in Texas and I thought what a great opportunity to do an Every Door Direct mail with the Gospel in it.  So we are preparing a mailing of just over 1,500 for Rockport Texas.

Time to kick it into high gear in prep for our big push.  We already did a good amount of prep work in the summer.  The packages for houses have already been put together. And over 1,200 envelopes have been stuffed, sealed, addressed, and the stamps applied.    We now have to put together 2,500 pieces for our December Every Door Direct Mails.  I printed 2,000 of the what did Jesus teach tracts in October and all 2,500 envelopes.  Special Christmas tracts have been ordered and we are going to get busy to put all those together.

Christmas should be big push time.  Christmas is supposed to be a Christian holiday.  Christmas is not the time that Christians should do less.  It is the time of year that we should push to do more.  We are going to try to get the Gospel delivered to almost 5,000 households this season.

Please consider helping us.  There are thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands, even millions of households like that never have received a real Christian tract of any kind.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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