House Church Update November 2021

Most of the churches in history that were real New Testament churches (churches made up of regenerated saved people) were house churches.  They kept the faith and preserved the scriptures and passed their faith on to others.  And they did a really good job at building their people up in the faith.  Having to have large fancy buildings with stages and light shows is really a new thing.  God never was in the entertainment business.  God has always been with those who were willing to put Him first and chose God and His ways over what is popular and those who would choose what God wants over the traditions of men.  A good solid house Church does this.

The good solid House Church, the simple form of Christianity that changed the world, is almost unheard of in America.  Many Christians in America have a fair idea of what the work is like in a modern high overhead Church because many Christians in America go to a larger church.

Since some people that read these might wonder what is the work like in a house Church?  I thought I would keep a daily log for one month.  And just write down what I did that day in a tangible way to get the gospel out that day.  I left out of my log prayer time and message prep time.  I wanted to focus the log on what I did that directly physically impacted getting the gospel out.  I think if you read thru this you will have a good idea what we do in a good house Church.

Oct 31 – Put 440 stamps on envelops for the Christmas mailer.  The family made 60 ornaments for the John and Romans Christmas packs.

Nov. 1 –  It was a privilege to mail check to Jacques – a missionary to Haiti for 90 dollars.  And a check for 100 dollars for the Orphans for Christmas presents.  Exicted to start big push for the Holidays!  Mailed the first 20 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.

Nov. 2 – Mailed 20 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.

Nov. 3 – Mailed 25 Tracts for Thanksgiving to apartments.  Saw an answer to prayer today. Phil came home.

Nov. 4 – Mailed 25 Thanksgiving tracts.  Purchased the mailing list for 10 more apartment complexes.

Nov. 5 – Mailed 25 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.  I got to make 100 John 3:16 bookmarks.  Need a better cutter.  We now have over 4,000 addresses for Apartments.  Praise the Lord!  I am excited to be used in this area to get the Gospel into apartments, which are mostly ignored.  One of the lists is to a small mobile home park.

Nov. 6 – Mailed 75 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.  Asking God to have mercy on someone even while He is bringing judgment on our country.

Nov. 7 – 50 tracts were mailed to apartments today.  God does let you do something in His work everyday if you want to.  It is a priviledge and a joy.  God does not need help from culture or society.  He only needs someone to trust Him and get His word out!  So far 255 Thanksgiving tracts have went out.

Nov. 8 – Mailed 75 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.  Setup account.  Prepared a couple of photos for creation posts.  A member is up to 22 songs that she can play on the piano.  That is a blessing.

Nov. 9 – Mailed 30 tracts to apartments.  Finished 30 John and Romans packs with new John 3:16 bookmarks

Nov. 10 – Mailed 50 tracts to apartments.  Made about 150 John 3:16 bookmarks.  Found good source for paper.  I tested the new cutter today.  Everything that I need to do this work has been speedily provided.  I needed a color printer to produce the Easter material and the bookmarks.  Wanted the better printer but it was 300 dollars more.  Could not afford that.  Then 350 dollars was handed to me by the boss who knew nothing about it.  I ordered the better printer.  God is faithful.  He wants this work done and is providing for it.  Amen!

Nov. 11 – Mailed 50 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.

Nov. 12 – Mailed 50 tracts to apartments.  The new printer is in.  I got to work on cleaning the desk area to make room for printer.  Ordered the paper for the Valentines and Easter mailings.  I gave 167 dollars to Foster Your Future.  It is a good way to help the poor and fatherless.  Put 100 dollars into account.  Replaced bad light fixture that was over desk.

Nov. 13 – Mailed 50 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.  Printed about 100 dollar’s worth of stamps and put them on envelopes for the Christmas mailing.

Nov. 14 – Got out the 1st 3 John and Romans Thanksgiving packs while out doing errands.  Finished setting up new color printer.  So far 563 Thanksgiving tracts have went out.

Nov. 15 – Mailed 50 Thanksgiving tracts to apartments.  Made print press quality PDF of the Valentines and Easter mailers. I have designed it so I get both out of one piece of paper.  Printed 25 and ran thru the cutter and folded the Easter ones.  I need to print about 900 of them and have them done before Jan.  I am not done with Thanksgiving and working on Easter!  I am well suited for this work.  30 years of office and IT work has taught me how to stay ahead and plan ahead.  Thank you Lord for giving me some experience.  Chick tracts is having a sale on cases of tracts.  I already have a good idea of what I need for 2022.  It would be nice if I could buy most of them on sale.  God will have to work if that is what He wants me to do.  We do not have the funds right now.  Praying.

Nov. 16 –  The rest of the Thanksgiving tracts to apartments have been mailed for a total of 702!  What a blessing and a privilege.  3 Apartment complexes have received the gospel!  I made 60 John 3:16 bookmarks.  Printed 100 dollars in stamps and put over half on envelopes for Christmas mailer.  Printed and folded 25 Easter and Val. Mailers.  I also delivered 51 John and Romans Thanksgiving pack to homes.  All before going to my full time job.

Nov. 17 –  Printed, cut and folded 25 Valentines and Easter mailers.  Put together 100 John and Romans Thanksgiving packets. Printed the return address on 60 envelopes.  Put 75 stamps on envelopes for Christmas mailer.

Nov. 18 – Printed, cut and folded 25 mailers for Val. And Easter before work.  On the way home I delivered 22 John and Romans Thanksgiving packs to houses.  22 more households have a chance for God to work in their hearts.  22 households had the gospel hand delivered today!  Finished the day by cutting about 110 John 3:16 bookmarks

Nov. 19 – Printed, cut, and folded 25 Easter Mailers.  Printed return address on 120 Envelopes.  Delivered 87 John and Romans Thanksgiving packs to houses.  And 14 Thanksgiving tracts with message on cars.  600 more John and Romans have been ordered today.  The tracts for the Valentines mailer arrived today.  I praise the Lord for 101 homes today have been given a chance.  The gospel was delivered to where they live!

Nov. 20 – printed, cut and folded 25 Valentines and Easter mailers.  Printed 50 more in the evening.  Put together the last 17 John and Romans Thanksgiving packs.  Stuffed and sealed 70 evelopes for the Valentines mailer.  And of course all the normal things on Saturday’s.  Front yard work needs done and setup, which in a house church means moving furniture and cleaning.  Setting up chairs and the pulpit.

Nov. 21 – Good service today.  Also printed and folded 50 Val. And Easter mailers.  Stuffed and sealed 75 Valentines mailers.  Cut 150 John 3:16 bookmarks

Nov. 22 – Printed 240 John 3:16 bookmarks.  Printed labels for 2 very small apartment buildings and 1 small mobile home park.  Total of all 3 is 122.  Put the address on envelopes.  We now have 122 Valentines mailers all ready except for stamps.  About 700 more to go.  I am ready to start mailing Christmas tracts on Wednesday

Nov. 23 – Delivered the last 17 John and Romans Thanksgiving packs to homes.  A total of 900 Thanksgiving tracts have been delivered to apartments via mail and by personal delivery to homes.  Printed the rest of the ream of 500 pages for Val. And Easter mailers.  Ordered 1000 more envelopes.

Nov. 24 – What a joy to send the orphans in Haiti 100 dollars today.  Folded Easter mailers for 20 min before work.  Mailed the first 50 Christmas tracts to apartments. Another 25 were also mailed.  Got off work early and cut 450 bookmarks.  Folded several hundred Easter mailers.  And put the return address on 500 envelopes.

Nov. 25 – We stuffed envelopes for the Valentines mailer and addressed them.  Mailed 25 Christmas tracts to apartments.  Once God shows you what He wants you to do and you count the cost and say yes.  Then there is no shutting it off.  Even on Thanksgiving.

Nov. 26 –  Worked on Valentines mailers before work.  Got off early and worked on Valentines mailers before dinner.  We now have about 350 ready for stamps.  After dinner we made over 200 Christmas ornaments for the Christmas John and Romans packs.  Went to bed extremely tired.  It was a good day.  Also mailed 50 Christmas tracts to apartments.

Nov. 27 – Mailed 50 Christmas tracts to apartments.  Worked on Feb. mailer.  I now have about 500 ready for stamps.  Put 45 ornaments into the John and Romans Christmas packs.

Nov. 28 – Mailed 25 Christmas tracts to apartments.  Put the return address on about 250 envelopes

Nov. 29 – 75 Christmas tracts were mailed to apartments.  Printed, cut and folded 100 mailers for Valentines and Easter.  Finished addressing envelopes for the Windsong apartment complex.  Stuffed and sealed 100 Envelopes for Valentines mailer.  Ordered 300 booklets from the Sword of the Lord.  Printed labels for another apartment complex.  300 Christmas tracts out already!

Nov. 30 –  Printed 50 Valentines and Easter mailers.  Finished stuffing and addresses another Apartment complex for the Valentines mailer.  Put out the first 23 Christmas John and Roman packs today.  23 more houses have a chance to let God do a work in their hearts.

If you read all of that, you have a pretty good idea of what we do in a good house Church.  We serve the Lord each and every day.  We have no overhead so all of the money can go to the work.  We help the poor and the fatherless, we support worldwide missionary efforts, and we get the gospel out locally.

It is quite a bit different that all of the churches I have been a part of.  It is not about hiding in your office most of the day and bossing your staff around.  Coming up with marketing efforts and managing the pot lucks, and working on getting the gospel out for an hour once or twice a month.  Here we work on getting the gospel out every single day.  Some days are just prep days to get the gospel out, but every day we are doing something to either get the gospel out or are prepping a big mailer.  I have 5 big mailers planned for 2022.  Valentines, Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  And all thru the year we will be delivering the gospel to houses in our area.  It is a wonderful thing to be free to serve my Lord each and every day.

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