House Church Update Nov – Dec 2022

In Nov the Gospel has been delivered to 1,589 households.

In Dec the Gospel has been delivered to 2,685 households.

That puts our year to date total at 19,397.

I believe that in 2022 the Lord opened our eyes to what is possible.  In January I was burdened in prayer to attempt to deliver the Gospel to 15,000 households.  Even though we could see no way to do that, our tiny group stepped out in faith and got busy.  We saw the Lord provide thru the year.  Never all at once but always right on time so that we could do far more than we ever thought possible.

If our tiny house church can do that much, can you just image what a larger groups could do if they got busy actually doing what Jesus said to do before He ascended?  It would be amazing.  In just a few years every household in America could get the Gospel delivered to where they live.

Nov was very busy with finishing prep for the big push.  And from the day after Thanksgiving until two days before Christmas we were working to get the gospel out.  We mailed the gospel every day for two weeks and I walked the streets of Phoenix delivering the gospel to houses 3 to 4 days a week.  It was a very good 4 weeks.

By August I had finished delivering the gospel to houses in a large area.  From the 51 freeway to 40th street and from Greenway to Cactus.  It took about a year.  In 2023 we will now mail the gospel to all of those houses.  August thru December I finished another fairly large area of houses.  In 2023 I will be working on an even larger area of homes.  It should take me all year.  Lord willing in 2024 we will then mail this area the gospel while I work on delivering the gospel on foot to another area.  There is no shortage of houses in Phoenix!

Since it does cost more money to mail the gospel than it does to deliver it by walking, our goal for 2023 will be less than 2022.  Mailing the gospel lets us deliver to all of the no soliciting homes.  It also gives people another chance.  We also send different material in the letter than we deliver.  It also lets us do a lot more.  Walking the streets just to deliver to 500 homes takes a good deal of time.  And since I work a full time job to support my family I can only do so many homes each year by foot.

Please consider helping us.  There are thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands; even millions of households that never have received a real Christian tract of any kind.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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