House Church Update March 2022

We have been very busy serving our Lord.  I was going to wait until April for another update, but too much has been going on.

In March the Gospel has been delivered to 507 Houses and 2073 Apartments and Mobile Homes.

For a March total of 2580.  Year to date for 2022 is 4,597 households.  Think about that a moment. 4,597 households have had the eternal saving Gospel delivered to where they live!  They had it in their hand, their very fingertips had access to what could change their eternity, and also change their life here on earth!  This is the Love of God reaching out to them!  It is a wonderful thing.

In March we had the privilege of giving 100.00 dollars to a lady whose husband had a very serious stroke.  She needed help with some of the many extra bills.

The ladies made a new baby blanket and purchased some new baby clothes.  These were delivered to a lady who is expecting and has very little.

We had a return visitor in March.  He already has a church home, but his visiting again was a blessing.

I made several improvements to the website and improved the ability of people to see what we believe.  I purchased a new domain ( and pointed it to our House Church page, then wrote a section on what we believe. will now be printed on the tracts and bookmarks that we produce.

I started putting lessons on the site for new believers.  The Great Commission tells us to teach those who get saved all things.  I have seen many churches fail horribly on this for a variety of reasons.  The first four groups of lessons are completed.  1 Salvation, 2 More about Jesus, 3 Importance of the Bible, 4 prayer.  That is a solid foundation upon which to build.  Knowing that you are saved and knowing more about your Lord and Him speaking to you thru His Word and you communicating to Him in prayer are all necessary and foundational to walking with God.

We have been saving for a while and were able to purchase a folding machine.  I was able to fold almost 1,000 pieces in a short amount of time.  I am very thankful for this.  It will greatly reduce the amount of time required to put a mailer together and really help with my bad hand joints.

The great commission tells us to teach.  Since so many people have no idea who Jesus really is or what He taught, there is a great need for good teaching material geared toward lost people.  We now have generations of people who have never been to Sunday school.  Most of the people have no foundation to understand or properly think about Salvation.  I wanted some larger sized tracts to put out along with the smaller tracts I use.  I could not find any.  So I got busy and made my own.  The first one is titled What Did Jesus Teach.  The first batch of these will be mailed out to apartments in April.

Another project underway is delivering a packet of info on why Evolution is impossible, and of course there is also a gospel tract included.  About 300 of these were mailed in March and 580 more will be mailed in May.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.