House Church Update June – July 2022

In June the Gospel has been delivered to 1,182 households.  In July the Gospel has been delivered to 1,047 households.

That puts our year to date total at 9,599.  We are now on pace to exceed our goal to deliver the Gospel to 15,000 households this year!

Out of the blue I got burdened to help a small church somewhere mail the Gospel to apartments near them. I looked on line and found a little church in Topeka KS and mailed them a letter explaining that I wanted to mail the Gospel to apartments near them, and that it would not cost them anything (except mailing me a box of their tracts), and that I wanted nothing in return.   The pastor emailed me and needed some clarification and reassurance.  After all it is a very unusual request.  I reassured him that there would be no mention of me in the mailing.  Everything would have only their name and address on it.  This is odd.  Most tracts that you buy have the advertising info of the maker of the tracts on them.

He agreed to let me mail one of the What Did Jesus Teach tracts along with one of his church tracts.  I purchased the apartment addresses.  When I do that they do not give you the number of apartments until the order is delivered.  I was praying that the order would come back with between 500 and 550 apartments.  I must be honest I was a little disappointed when the order came with less than 450.  I told the pastor in Topeka to send me the appropriate amount of tracts.

When his box of tracts came in and we put the mailer together there was a bunch left over.  In the mean time I got a copy of the address database from the Department of Transportation.  After much work I was able to retrieve an entire street of addresses in Topeka KS a few blocks away from that little church.  When I added those to the mailer, I was able to use all of the extra tracts that he mailed me.  The grand total was 535.  That was in the range of what I was praying for!  This is an example of God answering my prayer even when it did not look like it.  He knew about the extra addresses long before I did and He had that pastor send enough extras.  Amazing!

Helping a little church get the Gospel out to 535 households and wanting absolutely nothing in return is a very Christian thing to do.  The sad thing is that doing something like that is so rare that when offered to someone they can hardly believe it.  Their tendency is to think the worst, that it is some kind of scam.  The sad reality is that there is very little real Christianity out there.


In July I was out delivering John and Romans packs with a Chick Tract in them.  It was a fairly long street.  I had finished one side and was coming back on the other side.  A lady came out of her house saw the John and Romans and picked it up.  It was trash day and her garbage can was still out.  She grabbed her garbage can and dragged it across the street to the side I was on and stopped standing in the middle of the side walk.   It looks like she wants me to see her throw it away and give me a piece of her mind.

I see this and start praying.  Lord so be it.  If it is your will.  Only protect me.  I continue to put out John and Romans and am not rattled.  I am about 4 or 5 houses away from her.  I just calmly keep going at the same pace.  When I am about two houses away, the lady changes her mind and I hear the garbage can going back across the street.  I figured she has a short fuse, so I do not turn to look at her.  Just continue being harmless and doing what the Lord wants.

I have been walking the streets of Phoenix putting out tracts for almost 20 years.  I can tell you from personal experience that things have changed.  There is a coldness and a hostility today towards my Loving Savior.  But everyone still needs a chance to get saved.  Their eternity depends upon it.  And my Lord’s command to get the Gospel out is still in effect.  So we will keep up getting the Gospel out.

We are starting to work on getting the Gospel out to every household in the Black Canyon City area.  The total will be a little over 1,000.  The printing and assembling takes time.  The KJV teaching Tract is ready to go as well as the Fellowship tract league tract.  Prep will be done early August and they will go out about Mid-August.  The Gospel will be going to many households that no one really cares about.  There are many ranches and other isolated households in the area that most likely never had the Gospel delivered to them.  This is seed planting work that my Lord wants done.

Please consider helping us.  There are thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands of households like this that never get a real Christian tract of any kind.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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