House Church Update Jan – Mar 2023

In Jan the Gospel has been delivered to 917 households.

In Feb the Gospel has been delivered to 1,180 households.

In March the Gospel has been delivered to 1,005 households.

That puts our year to date total at 3,102 households.

America is in a mess.  Just when I think it can’t get more crazy and unreal, it does.  Evil is called good and good is called evil.  And it will not get fixed by politics.  Political victories are only short term.  America needs a long term solution, and that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  America needs the Gospel!  If every household received the Gospel, and not just a church invitation, hearts in America would start to get changed.

In Feb. we started the preparation for our big push during Christmas.  500 mailers have been put together and 200 door hanger packs.  We will continue to prep for Christmas thru the year.  Our goal for this Christmas season is to mail the Gospel to 2,500 households and to deliver 500 door hanger packs to houses.  For a tiny house church to achieve that all of that material must be prepared and ready to go before Thanksgiving.  During Christmas Christians should be more worked up about getting out the Gospel than gifts, food, decorations, and parties.  I am not saying don’t do those things, I am saying that getting out the Gospel should be more important.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.