House Church Update Jan – Feb 2022

We have been very busy serving our Lord.

The Gospel has been delivered to.              JAN                       FEB                       TOTAL

Houses                                                              410                       521                       931

Apartments and Mobile Home                       0                          1086                     1086

Two Month Total                                                                                                       2017

Near the end of December I started praying about how many tracts God would have us put out in 2022.  I looked at what was possible with our resources and between 8 and 9 thousand was reasonable.  But praying about it I received no peace about it.  I kept praying and finally when I reached a number of 15,000 I started getting peace.  I said that is not possible.  We cannot do 15,000.  And it was almost like God was saying that is right, you cannot.  You need me to show up.  So get busy and work toward 15,000.  Of course I did not hear words.  It is one of those still small voice things.  You pray and somehow you just get peace in your heart and you just know.

I said ok.  15 thousand for a small group of 5 people is a goal worthy of our Lord.  I have no idea how we are going to do that or where the money is going to come from.  But I decided to have faith and step it up.  So toward the end of Jan I picked up the pace delivering the Gospel to houses.  At that moment I had only about 5 weeks of material and no money to buy enough material to sustain the new pace.  But just had faith that this is what my Lord wanted.  It was not long until my wife got a bonus.  And then without asking my cousin decided to want to help and sent us some money.   Another organization gave us some tracts free.  It has been exciting to watch.

To get out 15,000 in a year you have to do 1,250 per month.    After 2 months we are behind some.  But soon to catch up.  A few months ago God burdened me about mailing a very large apartment complex of over 1,200 apartments.  The burden was strong and for two days I cried out to God for an extra 1,000 dollars and that it would not come thru our regular paychecks.  I had 800 dollars of it the next day, and the other 200 a few days later.  So we got those extra 1,200 ready to go for Easter.  So we will be ahead of the pace by April.  I guess you could say that God knew about the 15,000 way before I even prayed about it.  Say AMEN!

Evolution is not science.  It is actually a religion.  It is amazing how a scientist can be so intelligent in his field and uses good reasoning in that area, but when they leave that area of study and enter the arena of their evolution religion they get fanatical and unreasonable.  They will quickly throw out the principals of scientific study, claim wild theories as fact, and believe some foolish stuff.  Most people in America have been hammered with evolution in school from 1st grade on.  Evolution is one of the many root problems with people not believing in a creator God that wants to save them.  It became clear to me that a part of the 15,000 that we are going to do in 2022 needed to also deal with the lie of evolution.  So I designed a one page paper on it, and printed the first 1200 of them on my printer, and ordered some tracts and a booklet that is a testimony of an evolutionist turned creationist.  I mailed the first 80 already and will start delivering them to houses in March.

In Feb we had the privilege of giving 40.00 dollars to a lady in Alabama for help with medical bills.

In Feb. we started sponsoring a child in Papua New Guinea at 40 dollars a month for their schooling.  God gives us instructions to help others.  So we need to stay balanced and not spend all the money on the 15,000 goal.  We work to keep over 10 percent going to help the poor.

I believe that sometime in 2022 God will send the help that is needed to achieve the goal of delivering the good news to 15,000 households in Phoenix and at the same time enable us to continue helping the orphans in Haiti and the other things we are involved in.  Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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