House Church Update December 2021

I had a good month getting the gospel delivered to where people live and had several encouraging things happen.
509 John and Romans Christmas packs delivered to houses.
965 The Greatest Story ever told gospel tracts mailed to apartments.

Our small group delivered the gospel to 1,474 households in December. The saving gospel delivered to where they live! If your heart is in line with God’s heart, you will say Amen! Too many Christians are all wrapped up on what they get instead of getting out the gospel. This is why most go to either entertainment centers or lukewarm club houses on Sunday.

Dec 5 – Had a mocker today. He stood in front of our house and mocked as we sang hymns. I just kept singing. It is a good sign. There should be some opposition. All those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Dec 6 – We got to help a nice lady in need. She has switched job and has not received her 1st paycheck yet. We are small and cannot do much. We gave her a pack with a John and Romans, a Christmas tract, a handmade Christmas ornament and 40.00 dollars. It is not much but it will buy some gat to get to work or some food.

Dec 7 – Received a thank you email from a man we mailed a Christmas tract to.

Dec 11 – A man who was doing deliveries for UPS using his own car was parked in front of my house. He looked like he was having some kind of issue so he as parked ling enough for me to give him a John and Romans Christmas pack. I got to hand him the Gospel and wish him a very merry Christmas. One more person has the saving Gospel in their hand. Amen!

Dec 13 – Had the privilege to give 40 dollars to a lady who lost her mother and her father is needing help with the funeral bills.

Dec 16 – When Chick tracts started their case sale in Nov. I prayed that we would be able to purchase what I know I need for all of 2022. I would need an additional 7 thousand on top of the 1,500 already on hand. I saw no way to do this and still do everything else that we are committed to. But I prayed. A little extra came in now and then and I would buy a case or two. I did not see the answer until the sale only had a few hours left. I was able to purchase all 7,000 tracts on sale! Another prayer answered. The Lord keeps showing me in little ways that He wants this work done. What a blessing!

Dec 16 – I was delivering John and Roman Christmas Packs to houses. I was going down a dead end street with a cul-de-sac at the end. A house across the street was having some work done. One of the workers walked across the street to his work truck the same time I walked up. I did not change my pace but you could not have timed it better if it was a Broadway show. He started to wave me off as I said Merry Christmas and held out a Christmas pack and I said Merry Christmas again. He saw the Christmas Ornament in the pack and the Merry Christmas sticker and smiled real big and said Merry Christmas. I continued around the cul-de-sac and when I was coming around the other side I could see that he was still reading what I gave him. On the back of the John and Romans we have printed the simple plan of salvation. As I was getting close to being directly across the street from him he thru the Christmas pack in the work truck and our eyes meet. He looked at me and he is no longer smiling. The look was let’s say, a little frosty. He is like so many people today. They have room for Christmas but no room for Jesus. In fact, I have found that it really is an epidemic.

Dec 18 – I ran out of door hanger bags and ordered more on Wed. They shipped on Thursday using USPS Media mail. They ship from Tennessee which takes 7 to 10 days. I put out the last of the John and Roman Christmas packs on Friday and thought too bad I don’t have any more door hanger bags. I guess I am done putting out John and Romans Christmas packs. I had gotten out 412 at this point which is not too bad a total. Surprise! Before lunch Saturday USPS delivered the door hanger bags. They got here from Tennessee in 2 days! Less than 48 hours. It always takes a full week or more. Amazing. I figured the Lord wanted more John and Romans Christmas packs delivered to houses. So I made some more. 97 more houses got the gospel delivered for Christmas. The Lord does little things like this to show me that He wants this work done. I received what I needed in a fraction of the time it should have taken. Amen!

We are now busy preparing to mail the gospel to around 900 apartments and 1 very small mobile home park in February.  And working on mailing the gospel in April to around 2,000 apartments.  It is wonderful to be busy serving my great Lord.

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