House Church Update Aug 2022

In Aug the Gospel has been delivered to 2,626 households.

That puts our year to date total at 12,225.  We are now on pace to exceed our goal by a good amount and deliver the Gospel to over 18,000 households this year!

I have the addresses to a large apartment complex in Orlando Florida.  It has a total of 550 apartments.  I felt it was time to start working on it.  I looked at the budget and said we will not have the money to send them out until maybe October.  So I tried to put it off and work on something else.  But I had no peace about it.  So I started prepping the database for printing and printed the tracts and the offer and the envelopes.  When I got to the point of stuffing the envelopes I received an unexpected bonus which was enough for about half of the postage.  A short time later I hit 20 years at the job and they gave me a little extra for it.  There was the rest of the money.  So instead of that apartment complex having to wait until October, they were mailed the Gospel the first few days of August!   The Lord led me to get it ready early because He already knew about the money coming in for it.

Aug 8.  This was a great day.  We drove up to Black Canyon City Arizona and delivered 1042 KJV teaching tracks along with a Fellowship tract league tract to the post office.  Every household in town and all of the surrounding back roads received the Gospel.  There is an average of 3 people per household in Arizona so over 3,000 people have been given a chance.  This is a joyous thing to me.

black canyon city
black canyon city

I now have addresses in 40 states.  Some of them it is only an apartment complex or two.  But many of them I have over a million addresses for.  I had enough stamps to mail about 70 so I picked all the streets in Indiana named Mustang.  No particular reason.  And there were 70 good addresses in the database for streets named Mustang.  Some of them in La Porte, a few in Indianapolis, and some in Evansville.  The precious souls in those houses received the KJV teaching tract What Did Jesus Teach, an offer to receive Christian pamphlets for free, and a Fellowship tract league tract.

So many people have never had any real teaching material given to them about the Gospel, so we usually just mail them once.  There are too many others waiting to hear.  But there are a few apartment complexes that God has put on my heart to give them multiple chances.  One of them is in L.A. California.  A few months ago they received the KJV Teaching tract What Did Jesus Teach.  This mailing they received the KJV teaching tract What Did Jesus Do.


Mid August is our 1 year anniversary.  It is hard to believe.  It does not seem like it has been that long.  I think it is good to take a moment and think back about what has been accomplished.

2021 the gospel was delivered to 3,400 households.

So far in 2022 (on our anniversary date) the gospel has been delivered to 11,491 households.  So in our first year we delivered the gospel to 14,891 households.  With an average of 3 people per household, 44,673 people have been given a chance.

This includes a large number of apartment complexes in north Phoenix.  Many of them twice.  All the streets from Greenway and the 51 to 40th st and Cactus, and from 40th street and Acoma to Tatum and Cactus.  All of Black Canyon City, and an apartment complex or a couple of streets in the following states.  Los Angeles CA, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Boise ID, 3 towns in IN, Topeka KS, Concord NH, and 4 towns in RI .

We have designed two KJV Teaching tracts.  What Did Jesus Teach and What Did Jesus Do.  These line up better with the great commission which says go and teach and not only go and invite.  Nothing wrong with inviting, but the go and teaching should be primary not be ignored.

We helped a small church in Kansas get out over 500 of their tracts along with our What Did Jesus Teach Tract.

We helped Chick track missions get tracks to Papua New Guinea and central and South America and many other places.  We helped Bearing precious seed get Bibles and John and Romans out around the world and we help Fellowship Tract League as well.

And many people have been helped.  The Orphans in Haiti, and we helped with money for the earthquake relief, and with Christmas for Haiti children most of which are not in the orphanage.

We also helped young adults in the Foster your future program.  And we started sponsoring 2 children to go to a Christian school in Papua New Guinea.

We helped a family of a man who had a serious stroke, a lady with a baby in between jobs, a lady with medical bills, and a lady with funeral expenses when her mom died.

It has been a refreshing thing to me to see all the money that is cheerfully given be well used and that there is a good balance between getting the Gospel out and helping others.

And over the last year we have had a whole lot of Bible.  Teaching and preaching that is concise and concentrated on the Bible.

The Lord has challenged us to think bigger than we ever imagined when we started.  We have done a good amount for such a small group.

Over the next year I want to finish getting the Gospel mailed to either an apartment complex or a couple of streets in all of the continental US plus Alaska, continue delivering John and Romans to houses in our area, and I would like to see us continue to help poor children and even expand that.

We are only responsible to do as much as the Lord provides for, which He provides thru the giving of His children.  If we use everything well that He gives us, and have a heart to do more and ask Him to let us do more, then He, who has all resources, will burden His children to send help our way.

We truly have a great work ahead of us.  There is a great need.  I think that is great for we have a great Lord who is worthy.

Please consider helping us.  There are thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands, even millions of households like that never have received a real Christian tract of any kind.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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