House Church Update April – May 2022

In April the Gospel has been delivered to 297 homes.  I was sick for a week and after that took my wife on a 3 day trip for our 37th wedding anniversary.  So my April total was down some.  A little extra money came in so we were able to mail the Gospel to 1,021 apartments in April for a total of 1,318 households having the gospel delivered to them.

The heat is here.  Many of you are going what?  Already!  This is Phoenix, by the middle of May it is getting hot.  In Feb and March I delivered the Gospel to over 500 houses per month. The reason I could do that is I was speed walking.  I physically cannot do that in the Phoenix summer heat.  So my house totals thru the summer will be less.

In May the Gospel has been delivered to 301 houses and mailed to 1,154 apartments.  The total April – May numbers are 598 houses and  2175 apartments and mobile homes.

That puts our year to date total at  7,385.  We are now ahead of pace to deliver the Gospel to 15,000 households this year!    This gets me excited.  If there is an average of 3 people per household, then 45,000 people will have been given a chance.  No doubt many seeds will be planted that will bear fruit later!   This is exactly the work that Jesus told us to do before He ascended.  If you are a Christian and are not involved in doing the work of getting the Gospel out, then shame on you.

Being free of the traditions of men to serve God is a wonderful thing.  Instead of acting upon Jesus’ commands before He ascended based on the way it has always been done, you can stop and let His commands say what they say and act based upon what He said.

He said Mat 28:19  Go ye therefore, and teach…  So instead of putting out small church invitations, I can now put out KJV Teaching tracts and John and Romans and other teaching material with the Gospel.  Jesus clearly wants people taught.  He did not say tell people to come to our place and then be taught.  It is not teach only if they will come to our place.  It is go and teach.  Teach them where they are.  We are going and delivering teaching material.  It is truly brings joy to my heart.

He said Mar 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.    So instead of only doing houses, I can actually listen and care about getting the gospel to all and mail the Gospel to Apartments.  The tradition of many says that because the apartment is marked no trespassing and no soliciting that we do not bother with those.  That is not biblical.

He said, Go ye into all the world.  That means all.  Now I realize little insignificant me cannot get the Gospel to all those billions of people, but I believe that I am to be actively involved in that work.  I am to be actively working to get the Gospel to the entire world.  That would include the entire continental U.S.  The traditions of many says, if we support one or two missionaries in the U.S. then we are good.  When reading what Jesus said, I do not think trying to reach only two little areas in the entire United States is what He had in mind.    So in April I started purchasing apartment address lists for apartments all over the U.S.  So far we have mailed the Gospel to Los Angeles CA and to Concord New Hampshire.  Our first goal is to mail the KJV Teaching tract What Did Jesus Teach to at least one apartment complex in all 48 continental U.S. states.

The What Did Jesus Teach tract ends with Jesus teaching about salvation from John Chapter 3.  This is a good seed planting tract.  In May I finished the follow up tract What Did Jesus Do.  This one focuses on many of the things that Jesus did and finishes with what Jesus did on the cross.  It explains how He actually bore our sin for us.  When someone reads both they learn much about who Jesus is and His character and of His love for people.  They learn about what Jesus taught and what Jesus did and they have the gospel presented to them twice.  Once from the teaching angle, and once from the doing angle.  Sending people both gives them two chances to get saved and the two together lay a good foundation that can be built upon.

So after we mail the first one, we need to mail the same people the second one.  This takes money.  Can you help?  Being involved in something this great is a good thing to do and I believe that it would please our Lord.

Any prayers for us are appreciated.

Always remember God loves you.


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