George Muller Goes to a House Church

Despite his sinful lifestyle and cold heart, God had mercy on him.  He was as careless about Him as ever. He had no Bible and had not read any Scripture for years.  He seldom went to church; and, out of custom only.  He never heard the gospel preached.

One afternoon in November, he took a walk with his friend Beta and he told me that he had begun to visit a Christian’s home.  He said that they read the bible, sang, prayed and read a printed sermon.  When George heard this he felt as if he had found the treasure that he had been seeking.

He went to the meeting that evening.  They sang a hymn, prayed and then read a chapter from the bible and read a printed sermon.  At the end of the meeting they sang another hymn.  The entire evening made a deep impression on him.  He felt happy.

George said, “I have no doubt that on that evening, He began a work of grace in me.  Even though I scarcely had any knowledge of who God truly was, that evening was the turning point in my life.”

He kept attending and his life became very different.  He wrote, “Although I did not give up every sin at once.  I did give up my wicked companions, going to taverns, and habitual lying.  I read the Scriptures, prayed often, loved the brethren, went to church with the right motives, and openly professed Christ.”

A few months later George met a devoted young man who chose to be a missionary rather than live a comfortable life near his family.  His example made a deep impression on him.  For the first time in his life, George was able to give himself up to the Lord fully and without reservation.

He wrote, “The peace of God which passed all understanding now filled my life.”

He wrote to his father and brother encouraging them to seek the lord and telling them how happy he was.  They replied with an angry letter.  George felt he could no longer take money from his father for his schooling.

God moved.  Some men showed up who needed someone to teach them German.  They paid him more than he was getting from his father.  He wrote, “The lord richly made up to me the little I had given up for His sake.”

Although George was still weak and ignorant in faith, he longed to win souls for Christ.  Every month he circulated about 300 missionary papers, distributed many tracts, and wrote letters to some of his former companions in sin.

God showed George Muller great patience and helped him to grow steadily in the Lord.

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