George Muller – Do All The Work

Many Christians know the name George Muller, but they only associate him with running an orphanage and of being a man of prayer.

Very few know that he was a preacher and one who was concerned with doing all the work of the Lord.

In his July 12 1837 journal he writes:

“It is now three years and four months since brother Craik and I began to spread the gospel through schools, circulate the Holy Scriptures, and aid missionaries.  Since then we have distributed 4,030 copies of the Scriptures; four day schools for poor children have been established by us; 1,119 children have been instructed in the six day schools, and 353 children are now in those six day schools.  Besides this, a Sunday school and an adult school have been supplied with all they needed.

Missionary work in the East Indies, northern Canada, and Europe has been aided.  In addition to this the Word of God has been preached from house to house among the poor though the Scriptural Knowledge Institution.”

4,030 Bibles is a lot by today’s standard with our modern printing presses.  4030 was a huge number back then.  Running the orphan houses was actually a small part of George’s work.

They had almost 400 people in their two churches.

Sept. 28 he writes:

“Yesterday morning I spent about 3 hours in the vestry of Gideon chapel to rest and pray.  I meant to do the same in the afternoon, but before I could leave the house, someone came to talk to me.  One person after the other came until I had to leave.  It has been the same again today.”

George preached house to house.  He distributed Scripture; he started and ran day schools for the poor children.  Most of them had parents.  He ran a Sunday school and an adult school.  He was involved in missionary work in several countries, and George and brother Craik pastored two churches.  George also had to counsel people.  They had almost 400 people to minister to.  And on top of all of that he started several Orphan houses.

George obviously understood this concept.  If you ask the Lord do you want me to preach locally or be involved in missions, that you will get the answer.  Yes.  But which one Lord and the answer Both.  Lord do you want me to pastor a church or start orphan houses.  I mean I am already distributing Bibles and involved in missions.  So which one do you want me to do Lord.  And the answer all of it.

The Lord wants it all done and He will provide, and help with it all.  This principal is why we help the fatherless and the poor and missions and teach and get the gospel out both locally and many other places.

If someone is going to be a servant of the most High, then you need to serve and in all the different areas that He sends your way.

Many today do not understand this concept.  When we started our little house church I told our little group.  We can do that.  We can leave the lukewarm club house, we can leave the false teaching, but we need to do the work.  All of it that God sends our way.  I told them we cannot just gather on Sunday and have a service and that is it.  No!   If we want God to be with us in a special way, then we have to do the work.

Many today major in the club house activities and attitudes, and many major in the entertainment area, and then minor in the actual work.  They do just enough in those areas to say that they do it but the actual work is really just a minor for them.

George Muller was different.  He majored in the work period.

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