George Muller Asks The Lord for Land

As Christians we can learn much from how George Muller asks the Lord for land.  As you read this think about how he sought the Lord first, and how he had patience and faith that in God’s time his prayers would be answered.  This is from pages 50 and 51 from the book Release the power of prayer.  If you have never read that book, I highly recommend it.

George wanted to build a new orphanage that could accommodate 300 children.  He wanted adequate property for them to exercise and play outdoors, so he began to ask the Lord for the means to go forward with this plan.  On January 31, 1846 after 89 days of prayer he wrote.  The time now seems to be near when the Lord will give us a piece of ground, and I told the brothers and sister so this evening after our usual Saturday evening prayer meeting at the orphanages.

February 1. Today a poor widow sent ten shillings.

February 2. Today I heard of a suitable and cheap land on Ashley Down.

February 3.  Saw the land.  It is the most desirable of all that I have seen.  A sovereign was anonymously put in an orphan box at my house, as well as a piece of paper on which was written, “The New Orphanage.”

February 4.  This evening I called on the owner of the land on Ashley Down, about which I had heard on the 2nd, but he was not at home.  As I, however, had been informed that I would find him at his place of business, I went there, but did not find him there either, since he had just left.  I might have called again at his residence at a later hour, having been informed by one of the servants that he would be sure to be at home about eight o’clock, but I did not do so, judging that the hand of God was in my not finding him at either place.  Therefore, I judged it best not to force the matter, but to “let patience have its perfect work”.

February 5.  This morning, I saw the owner of the land.  He told me that he awoke at three o’clock this morning and could not sleep again until five.  All the time that he was lying awake, his mind was preoccupied with the piece of land, respecting the inquiry that had been made to him at my request for the building of an orphanage.  He determined that if I applied for it, he would not only let me have it but that he would charge only 120 per acre, instead of 200, the price that he had previously asked for it.  How good the Lord is!  The agreement was made this morning, and I purchased a field of nearly seven acres at 120 per acre.  Observe the hand of God in my not finding the owner at home last evening!  The Lord meant to speak to His servant first about this matter, during a sleepless night, and to lead him fully to decide before I had seen him.

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