Don’t be in such a hurry

There was a huge forest fire in arizona. The fire was quickly racing towards the town of showlow. It was making national headlines. A news agency sent a photographer to get some spectacular shots of the fire. When he got to the blaze he was not getting any good shots. There was too much smoke and he could not get close enough to the blaze. The deadline was approaching and he had nothing. He called his editor in a panic. He told his editor that he needed a plane so that he could get away from the smoke and get in close. the editor told him to calm down. he assured him that he would have an airplane waiting for him on the runway by the time he got to the airport. When he got there he was in such a hurry that he did not even wait for his change from the taxi. He grabed his equipment ran to the plane. When he got onboard he screamed to the pilot. get this plane in the air NOW. when the plane was airborn he told the pilot to make a couple of low level passes over the fire so he could get some good shots. There was a long pause. Then the pilot said now let me get this straight. Your not the instructor.

Source Arizona Highways