Commander Gilmore – One Sacrificed Himself for All

In world war two, there was a commander of a submarine named Commander Gilmore. This country was fighting for our freedom. If we lost we would have lost our freedom and been nothing more than slaves. His boat was in a fierce battle. He had sunk 3 japanese destroyers. They were all out of Torpedos. There was no time to get more. The battle was raging. He gave the order and his Sub rammed another destroyer. The destroyer was mortally wounded. It was going down to its doom. The commander raced forward to check the damage. And he got wounded. His first mate was coming to help him. but the commander told him NO. CLOSE THAT HATCH AND DIVE NOW. For you see the destroyers guns were turning to fire on the sub before the destroyer sank. There was only moments before the guns could fire. The first mate objected but I can get you in a moment. The command said that is a direct order CLOSE THAT HATCH AND DIVE. He knew full well what that order meant for him. It meant a watery grave. He gave his life so that all of his crew could be saved.
That’s what Jesus did for you. He gave his life that we could be saved. Satan is our destroyer. And he is training his guns on you. And it could be only moments before he fires. But I got great news. Jesus did not stay dead. In three days he rose again and acended into heaven. And we too can have a home in heaven if we will but believe.

Source Notes on Daniel by Dr Frank J Norris


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