Christian Quotes on Money

This is a collection of Christian quotes on Money which are good for getting us to think.  Also good for Sunday school lessons or sermons.

Accumulation of riches may be the accumulation of sorrows.  – Charles Bridges

He does not possess wealth, it possesses him.  – Benjamin Franklin

It’s not what’s in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what’s in your heart. – Hadley Goad

Riches are a blessing or a curse to a man according as he has or has not a heart to make good use of them.  – Matthew Henry

Riches, in the hands of a man that is wise and generous, are good for something, but in the hands of a sordid, sneaking, covetous miser, they are good for nothing.  – Matthew Henry

Poor people are as much in danger from an inordinate desire towards the wealth of the world as rich from an inordinate delight in it. – Matthew Henry

I have disposed of all my property to my family.  There is one thing more I wish I could give to them, and that is the Christian religion.  If they had that, and I had not given them one cent, they would be rich.  If they have not that, and I had given them the world, they would be poor. – Patrick Henry

You are as crooked as a bank robber if you do not pay your debts on time.   – Jack Hyles

The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money. – John Henry Jowett

I will place no value on anything I have or may possess, except in relation to the kingdom of Christ. – David Livingstone

A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character – how he makes it and how he spends it. – James Moffatt

We can stand affliction better than we can prosperity, for in prosperity we forget God.  – Dwight L. Moody

It does not take long to tell where a man’s treasure is.  In fifteen minutes’ conversation with most men, you can tell whether their treasures are on the earth or in Heaven.  – D.L. Moody

It ill disposes the servant to seek to be rich and great and honoured in this world where his Lord was poor and mean and despised. – George Muller

The poorest man I know is the man who has nothing but money. – John D. Rockefeller

Two-thirds of all the strifes, quarrels and lawsuits in the world arise from one simple cause – money! J.C. Ryle

Mammon is the largest slave-holder in the world. – Frederick Saunders

Money dishonestly acquired is never worth its cost, while a good conscience never costs as much as it is worth.  J.P. Senn

Your words and wishes are cheap if they do not find expression in your actual gifts.  – A.B. Simpson

Giving is true having.  – Charles Spurgeon

Personally, I had always avoided debt and kept within my salary, though at times only by very careful economy.  Now there was no difficulty in doing this, for my income was larger, and the country being in a more peaceful state, things were not so dear.  But the society itself was in debt.  The quarterly bills which I and others were instructed to draw were often met with borrowed money, and a correspondence commenced which terminated the following year by my resigning from conscientious motives.  To me it seemed that the teaching of God’s Word was unmistakable clear: Owe no man any thing.  To borrow money implied, to my mind, a contradiction of Scripture – a confession that God had withheld some good thing and a determination to get for ourselves what He had not given.  Could that which was wrong for one Christian to do be right for an association of Christians?  Or could any amount of precedents make a wrong course justifiable?  If the Word taught me anything, it taught me to have no connection with debt.  I could not think that God was poor, that He was short of resources, or unwilling to supply any want of whatever work was really His.  It seemed to me that if there were lack of funds to carry on work, then to that degree, in that special development, or at that time, it could not be the work of God.  – Hudson Taylor

Nothing that is God’s is obtainable by money. – Tertullian

The world’s golden sands are quicksands. – Thomas Watson

Spirit-led giving and spending never produce spiritual bankruptcy.  – Unknown

Lord, help us to give according to our income, lest Thou turn things around and give us incomes according to our giving.  – Unknown

A miser insisted that he was a proportionate giver.  He explained afterward that he gave in proportion to the amount of religion he possessed.   – Unknown

If you train up a child to give pennies, it is likely that when he is old he will not depart from it.

Let our giving be according to our earnings, lest the Lord make our earnings to be according to our giving.” – Unknown

I hope that this collection of Christian quotes on money was a blessing to you.

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