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Church of Grace is an independent Bible believing house church in Phoenix AZ. We are one of the hardest working house churches in America. We have no overhead so all our giving goes to the work. We delivered the Gospel to over 19,000 households in 2022. Helping the fatherless and the poor are important to us. We support No place like home orphanage in Haiti, and Pangia Baptist School in Papua New Guinea, and Foster your future in Arizona. For worldwide missions we help by giving material to missionaries thru Chick Missions fund, Fellowship Tract League, and Bearing Precious Seed. We mail the Gospel to cities and small towns all across America from coast to coast. Most churches really only put out church invitations. We concentrate on putting out tracts that have a teaching quality to them. Jesus said to go and teach. We are a tiny group and have nothing to offer in the way of programs. We are not a club house or an entertainment center. Our primary purpose is to get the gospel out and to help the Fatherless.

House Church Updates

House Church Update Jan – Feb 2022

House Church Update Jan – Feb 2022 We have been very busy serving our Lord. The Gospel has been delivered to.              JAN                       FEB                       TOTAL Houses                                                              410                       521                       931 Apartments and…