Bible Study

Would it not be a foolish thing

To die of thirst, with this clear spring

Of living water at my feet?

To starve when there is bread and meat

And drink before me on the board,

A table spread by my dear Lord?

And would we think he had much sense

Who hoarded only copper pence,

When at his feet and all around

Were diamonds sparkling on the ground?

The Lord I love went on ahead

To make a home for me.  He said

He would come back again, and He,

Oh, gracious love, He wrote to me!

He knew I was so weak and blind

And foolish that I could not find

The road alone.  He told me things

That all earth’s wise men and its kings

Have never guessed.  Yet I foreknow,

If I but read His Word.  And, oh,

Such depths of love on every sheet!

My soul is trembling at His feet.

What would He think of me

If when I saw Him I should say,

I was too busy every day

To read what Thou didst write to me;

I really hadn’t time for Thee?

– Martha Snell Nicholson

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