Aug Thru Oct 2021

We started services mid-August and got busy.  We have purchased the mailing list for 3 apartment complexes and did our first mailing of 100 on Sept 1st.  We are in preparation for a Thanksgiving mailing of about 420 apartments, and we are starting to prepare for a Christmas mailing.

Aug thru Sept about 700 Chick tracts were put on doors.

Sept 100 Chick tracts mailed to apartments.

Our first donation was made to Foster your future.

We setup our recurring donation to the No Place Like Home orphanage in Haiti.

We also supported bearing precious seed and the Chick Missions fund in Aug and Sept.

On Sept 30th two of us were out putting Chick Tracts.  One guy got so mad that he chased us two blocks.  Had the police on the phone.  Among other things he was saying you are so done.  It is actually a good sign.  There should be some opposition now and then to the work.

My wife and I were leaving Home Depot when this lady asked my wife for help.  My wife came to tell me ( I was busy unloading the cart into the back of the truck).  I watched as this lady drove her car to the next person and the next asking for help.  I waved her down and had her pull her wreck of a car into a parking spot.  She was not asking for money.  she was short on food and was asking if someone would buy her some food.  She was very upset.  I talked to her and felt that she was genuine. I witnessed to her and gave her a tract.  And then had her follow us across the street and bought her 80 dollars worth of groceries.  It was a blessing to have that much set aside for the poor.  I pray that the tract will plant a seed that others will water and one day she will come to the Lord.

October was a busy month.  The Lord made it clear to me that His will for our little group is to get the gospel into all of these apartment complexes.  So I purchased mailing lists for several more apartment complexes.  We have over 2900 apartment addresses now.  The Thanksgiving mailing is now around 700 apartments.  I finished stuffing, sealing, addressing, and putting the stamps on all 700.  They are ready for the mailbox in Nov.  Started working on the Christmas mailing.

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